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Filhotes Lucky X Elizabeth – TODOS VENDIDOS

Ch Lucky Don”t Fall by Nobozz(importado UK) & LB Artemis “Elizabeth” ((Ch Wedgebury Red Brave – ”Oliver” e Brampton Miss Cherrie – UK)

Nascimento 22/05/2015

5 machos e 2 fêmeas

Com alegria noticiamos o nascimento da nossa primeira ninhada em 2015. São 7 lindos e saudáveis filhotes da mais pura linhagem inglesa, made in Brazil. Filhos do nosso  Ch Lucky  e LB Artemis.


Ch Lucky Don”t Fall by Nobozz


LB Artemis “Elizabeth”

Fotos dos filhotes


Pedigree dos filhotes

Pais Avós Bisavós Trisavós
Ch Lucky Don”t Fall by Nobozz Nobozz Drunk and Disorderly Hesing Hells Angel Lynmans Morris
Swalesboy Snowy Mort At Hesing
Hot Ruby At Nobozz HillPlace Musketeer
Delightful Daisy
Abaleave Wishing on a Star Beldoon Wishmaster for Abaleave Incredibulls Made in America By Nobozz
Lauwin Cordelia of Beldoon
Abaleave Silver Knave off Spades MutonhaBulls Show sttopper
Marlil Camilla At Abaleave
Land Bull Artemis Wedgebury Red Brave Wedgebury Leo Ch. Medbull Gold Dustover Kelloe
Wedgebury Eskimo Nell
Swiss Ch. Armony Wold Ch. e Eng. Ch. Merriven Make My Day
Int. Ch. Dark Queen
Brampton Miss Cherrie Brampton´s Mr. Jackson Brampton Bullseye
Brampton Rosa Lee
Brampton Daisy Brampton Mr. Wilson
Brampton Truly Scrumptious

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